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1) Deeper Company-Brand-Agency Mapping to View Full Decision Maker Sets Budget by Budget

2) Real-Time Change Alerts on Target Accounts & Categories You Follow

3) CRM-like Notes Functionality for Recording Outreach and Setting Email Reminders

You Asked, We Listened. Winmo Answers Customer Demand for:

A sales intelligence platform that empowers those who target national advertisers and their agencies to win more.




With 20+ years in business development, Winmo is an evolution of two of the industry's leading platforms: The List Online and AdDataExpress. Now the largest resource for brand/agency relationships and decision-maker contact information, Winmo enables clients to become more strategic with their prospecting by serving them real-time alerts and lead recommendations based on their prospecting behavior.  

An Evolutionary Sales Intelligence Platform

6) Deeper Integration with WinmoEdge (formerly DailyVista) for a Seamless Prospecting Experience

5) A Recommendation Engine That Suggests Leads Based On Your Interests & Activity

4) New Filters to Qualify Leads by Planning Period, Audience Demographics, Mobile Activity & More

"We work closely with Unilever and expanding our partnership to Winmo was absolutely critical in connecting the dots of who does what within the client – it has helped us create stronger relationships to grow our business. We have now been able to scale multiple national campaigns with Winmo allowing us to know which teams we need to connect with on which brand and account. We love Winmo!"

- Wiley Mathews, Blis

"We'd been clients of The List Online for years, and 15 months ago upgraded to Winmo – what an amazing difference it has been for OnCampus! We now track all of our clients through alerts, enabling my team to be the first call or email to a marketing professional."

- David Page, OnCampus Advertising

"A few short weeks after making the transition to Winmo, I was able to use planning and buying data to identify an opportunity, then sidestep the gatekeeper and make direct contact with a top-eight retailer. All thanks to Winmo, I landed a three-market partnership with them - and later expanded it thanks to an alert from your daily intelligence briefing."

- Corey Ballard, Huddle Inc.

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