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Analyzing the most tenures ever (2,400+), Winmo’s 2018 CMO Tenure Report gives new business professionals and media sellers an unparalleled view of agency and ad sales opportunities, with key findings designed to optimize prospecting.

Understand gender parity in CMO tenure across industries to customize and time your outreach accordingly. Notably, this report finds that while women hold almost 42 percent of CMO positions,  on average, female CMOs rotate out of a role sooner than their male counterparts. 

Tailor your outreach strategy for each industry by identifying CMO tenure trends across consumer goods, finance, restaurant, digital business providers and retail.

Pinpoint when CMOs are likely to rotate up and out of positions, so you know exactly when to approach the top or go down the corporate ladder with an ABM approach.

How do you know when to approach? 

That’s where we come in.

While CEOs are technically at the helm of business operation, the task of brand transformation often rests on the shoulders of CMOs. With tenure averaging just 43 months, today’s CMOs must show a positive impact in half the time of their C-suite counterparts, leaving new business professionals with a narrow window to pitch their case for aiding in that transformation. This report is designed to arm business development executives with exclusive CMO intel they need to spot opportunities with the right decision-makers at the right time.

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