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"Winmo has been my secret weapon. I am able to go after the right brands at the right time - with insights on what their most recent initiatives are.


Clay Busch

VP Marketing & Sponsorships

Danny Wimmer Presents

"Winmo allows me to find contacts at hard-to-reach companies, source agencies' active account lists, find new agencies and brands in my territory, and remain current on what media clients are buying."

Charlotte Hartman

Regional Account Director

National CineMedia

Chief Commercial Officer

TEN: The Enthusiasts Network

"Using Winmo, our team has grown our non epidemic revenue YOY 35%. Half the battle is getting to the right person and this tool allowed our sales team to get access to clients they did not know."

Eric Schwab

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Beat your competition to the sale with Winmo's sales predictor, WinmoEdge. Get a daily rundown of lead opportunities predicted 3-18 months before it hits the news wires. Get the sales opportunity with all the decision maker data -- PLUS industry insights to help you craft a great cold email.

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Uncover prospects by title, territory, revenue, industry – even advertisers handling creative or media in-house. Winmo’s smart filters make sure your prospect lists are full of quality leads most likely to convert. Unlike competitors, Winmo’s data is verified by living, breathing researchers – not bots. 

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Winmo outlines brand-level contacts, parent company decision-makers, and agency teams with the budgets they’re responsible for. It's displayed in easy-to-search profiles to give you the full picture of who controls the budget for thousands of advertisers. Find brand managers, sponsorship directors, media planners and more, and see when budgets are being spent and where.

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