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“The sheer amount of data Winmo offers is mind boggling. It has changed the game for us. Our prospecting efforts are now national instead of local, and the data is as accurate as I’ve ever seen.” 

David Vanderwarn

New Business Executive

Triglass Productions

"An indispensable tool for agency new business.  We use it to develop prospect lists, get well-versed on a brand and its key stakeholders prior to a meeting, and to learn more about their media activity."

Danielle Peters

Business Development Strategist

Southwest Media Group

VP Brand Management


"If your prospects are in the advertising and marketing arenas, Winmo is the best option out there. We trialed several others, and all fell short on quantity/quality of emails and phone numbers, not to mention accurate contacts. "

Angela Jeffrey

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Winmo’s advertising database points you to the right contacts and the right accounts at precisely the right time - when they're in need of agency partners

Beat your competition to the pitch with WinmoEdge, the industry’s first agency opportunity predictor. Get a daily rundown of projected reviews and partnership opportunities 3-18 months before the change happens. WinmoEdge doesn’t just give you the lead – it even sets up the pitch for you. Get the relevant info for your email or phone outreach.

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Target prospects by title, territory, revenue, industry – even advertisers handling creative or media in-house. Winmo’s smart filters make sure your prospect lists are full of quality leads most likely to convert. Unlike competitors, Winmo’s data is verified by living, breathing researchers – not bots – every 30 days.

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In Tracked Marketing Spend



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Winmo connects brand-level contacts, parent company decision-makers, and agency teams with the budgets they’re responsible for. It's displayed in easy-to-search profiles that give you the full picture of who controls the purse strings for thousands of advertisers. Find brand managers, CMOs, agency relationships, and see when budgets are being spent and where.

Connecting The Dots

 Brand-Agency Relationships



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"My goal is to spend as little time researching as possible, so I have more time to prospect. With Winmo, I get key decision-makers, budget, potential timelines, everything I need to reach out, and what to say all in one place to move my agency to the top of the list before any change is public. I also get daily alerts, intel, articles, analysis, and opinion all focused on the prospects that I’m after."

John Heenan  | Ad Agency Growth Consultant